Quality policy



Development of environmental documentation for enterprises of all forms of ownership and scientific research in the field of environmental protection, as a mechanism for managing the quality of the environment, performing work without causing damage to the environment and the health of employees of the company.


Main aim

To produce competitive products that meet the established regulatory and methodological requirements. To minimize the burden on the environment and create safe and healthy working conditions for working personnel, our customers, suppliers, business partners during the process of work performing.


Basic principles of aims achievement are:

Continuous improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of processes in the interests of consumers, staff and society;
Continuous professional development of personnel and improvement of professional training system in the field of technology and quality management system (ST RK ISO 9001) for environmental protection (ST RK ISO 14001) and occupational safety and health (ST RK OHSAS 18001);
Effective investment to prospective areas of production and staff training;
Implementation of state, regional legislation and requirements in the field of environmental protection, occupational safety and health;
Development of a motivation system based on moral and material motivation for efficient and high-quality execution of works for each member of the team,;
Implementation of effective measures to prevent deterioration of health status, incidents and accidents, industrial injuries and occupational diseases;
Implementation of advanced and safe, energy and resource-saving, environmentally friendly and low-waste technologies.
Our Company assumes responsibility for the implementation of the Policy by providing the necessary resources for the effective operation and continuous improvement of the quality management system, environmental protection, occupational safety and health.