Assessment of workplaces

Our Center has extensive experience in the field of certification of production facilities for working conditions, and also has almost all the necessary means of measuring verified in the prescribed manner for measuring the following levels of physical influence:

  • chemical
  • noise, vibration and ultrasound loads;
  • electrostatic fields;
  • electromagnetic radiation;
  • Illumination;
  • microclimate;
  • gamma radiation.

All devices are integrated to the Accredited Ecological Laboratory of “Republican Research Center for Atmospheric Air Protection” LLP located in Atyrau.

Certification of production facilities includes:

  • certification of the production facilities in accordance with the current standards in the field of safety and labor protection;
  • comprehensive assessment of the company’s production facilities for compliance with safety and health standards.

The right of “Republican Research Center for Atmospheric Air Protection” LLP for the certification of production facilities is confirmed by licenses, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certification and OHSAS 18001 specification, as well as accreditation certificate registered in the accreditation subjects register, availability of qualified personnel and laboratory equipment for research of factors of the working environment and working conditions.